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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1st MITMC Orienteering Competition

By: Jhonnie Z. Villareal

The 1st Mapua Institute of Technology Orienteering Competition was held on July 13, 2008 in the periphery of Tagaytay Ridge Area, particularly at the footslopes of Mt. Batulao. Participants' endurance and orienteering skills were challenged in the 10 kilometer orienteering race course with an elevation gain of 400 meters. The event was a true test of the participants’ ability to make efficient route choices, to read and interpret the map appropriately as they trudge and made their way from one control point to another. The format emphasized route choices and navigation in rough and demanding terrain making their way to 10 control points.

Marshalls from the Mapua Mountaineering Club were deployed to their respective control points as course setter – Bobby Relos briefed the team on what to expect along the orienteering course.

25 teams and a total of 80 participants during the course of the orienteering race trekked their way to a number of knolls and hilltop, walked across several streams, and made route choices at each trail bend and junction encountered.

In the end, Team Ogudnas which consist of veteran racers Thadeus Festin and Antonio Lavadia emerged as the champion outrunning and outsmarting 24 other teams in the 1st MITMC Orienteering Competition. An interesting victory for Ramil Delute and Gary Lemon of Team Vios, as what they lack in speed, they pulled out in terms of navigation accuracy grabbing the 1st Runner-up spot. Carina Dayondon and Jose De Vera of Team River came in 2nd Runner-up after several mistakes in their route choices pushed Team Vios to take the lead.

From left to right, Team River, Team Vios and Team Ogudnas were the teams who bagged the trophy as 2nd Runner-up, 1st Runner-up and Champion of the 1st MITMC Orienteering Competition.

Special prizes were also given to Team Save Ipo Dam as “Rookie of the Year” and to Team Kat-Kat –the team which comprise of Everest summiteer – Mr. Leo Oracion and his Labrador – Katkat as they emerge “Best in Navigation”.

2nd MITMC Orienteering Competition, coming soon this August!

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