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Monday, June 8, 2009

MITMC - Shotgun Trail Ride San Mateo

I tried thinking about the future. Would we be able to do this ride again? 

Will this area remain the same?

 I think not. Then I think of fast-forwarding time 10 years into the future. I can see that this area will be entirely different. Yes, we may be able to ride this way again but it will not be the same. The trails will have given way to concrete roads and the vast tracks of vacant land will by then be occupied by houses. 

The shade will now come from those houses and no longer from trees. All the greenery left will

 be from expensively built landscaped gardens and parks. But still, you cannot erase the happy times spent with your friends. All of us enjoying the riding experience with sun on our backs and the wind in our faces.

 Resting while eating a meal consisting of canned goods with 3 extra rice and a small loaf of bread. Kaya sama ka na. Matagal pa naman ang 10 years. Next week ride ulit. all photos taken by James Dela Merced

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